Magaza - Bitola

As an important administrative center with over thirty different markets, located on the important highway that connected the Aegean with the Ionian Sea, various goods intended for the domestic and foreign markets passed through Bitola. The shops or so-called magazas, that existed at that time, and there were several of them, were a real shelter for any merchant who could store, exhibit or sell his goods here.

Магаза - Битола

The Magaza building located at the Magnolia Square had exactly such a purpose, and today it has been renovated and turned into an art gallery where numerous exhibitions of various types are set up and literary readings, concerts and other cultural events are held.

Магаза - Битола
  • How to get there

    The Magaza building is located in the center of Bitola on Magnolia Square. The facility is open during an exhibition or when some event is held.

  • Parking

    About 100 meters from the building there are several parking zones, where light vehicles can be parked.

  • Wheelchair accessibility:

    Only from outside the building