The Building of Metropolitan residence

Built in the 80s of the 19th century, the current building of the Metropolitan residence is the only and unique construction in the area and beyond.

It was built by local builders with decorations on the facade that are made especially for it. Due to their decorativeness, specificity, they are original creative works and what is the most interesting, although they are reliefs made in plaster, they were made on the principle of woodcarving and woodcut technique. According to that principle, it belongs to the only objects decorated in this way in general. Each floor’s facade in the Metropolitan building has friezes with different content and meaning.

Митрополија - Битола

The symbolism of these numerous decorative elements makes this building extremely rich and lavish.

The most dominant are the Christian symbols: vines, flowers and stalks intertwined in the form of crosses, as well as certain letters that are in the form of flowers.

Both in the exterior of the facade and inside the building, a special Macedonian baroque is preserved, worthy of study as a construction and stylistic tradition from which began a specific architecture that can be freely inscribed in the world cultural heritage.

Митрополија - Битола

In fact, it is a proof that the overall architectural, cultural, historical, and creative heritage in Bitola is a kind of cultural and historical world mark that, due to its originality and uniqueness, can earn a worldwide reputation from that period.

Митрополија - Битола
  • How to get there

    The building is located on Vlatko Milenkovski Street near the Old Bazaar and is the seat of the Prespa-Pelagonija Diocese

  • Parking


  • Wheelchair accessibility:

    Only from outside the building